22 Nov Vanniyakula Kshatriya or Vanniar is one of the major communities in Tamil Nadu. Vanniyars are the only caste of Tamil Nadu to have a history of a book of. The name Vanniyar is derived from the Tamil word ‘Vanmai’ which means valor. At Sirkazhi Vaideeswaran Temple Inscriptions about Vanniyar Puranam are. Introduction / History Most Vanniyars in India are in the three adjacent southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andrha Pradesh, mostly concentrated in.

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Vanniyar – Wikipedia

Venkateswarlu Chennuboina October 26, at 6: The rectangular area of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia between 10 degrees north and 40 degrees north latitude. Kesavan Ramasamy April 16, at 1: A primary sourcethe Yalpana Vaipava Malaistates fanniyar some were descended from Vanniyar caste immigrants from modern Tamil Nadu.

Very powerfully dem in vanniyar group add my no.

Most of the caste titles of the Vanniyars belong to the Padayatchis. Sema comedy Sir Nenga go and see the history it’s a Vanniyar sub caste nayakar which is stolen by Kandi naidus so called telungu nayakars They trace their ancestry from the five sons of Veera Vanniyan or Rudra Vanniya Maharaja who assumed leadership of the country after having freed the earth from Vatapi and Mahi by destroying these two Brahma-worshiping Asuras.

There is a book called “padayatchi Pattapeyar Manjari” which mentions the different caste titles used by the Padayatchis. In Kerala, they are called Vaniya pillai, Vaniya nair and Reddiar. Also a book called “sasana Tamil Manjari” refers to padayatchis. The members of the Vanniyar caste are known by several famil depending on location and status.


In some places like Vridhachalam, Ariyalur and in parts of Taml, Nagai districts the Padayatchis still have marriage relations with Padayatchis only. Mudaliar 1 May at Note that in the history based novel Ponniyin Selvan by KalkiVandhiyathevan is described to be an offspring of Vaanar.

In the denotified list they are not mentioned as Vanniyars but Padayatchis, which proves that it is more than a caste title. In politics too vanniyr have a significant role. It mean Pallavas becomes Palli Udayarpalayam Zammin.

Vanniyar Padayachi: Vanniyar – Wikipedia

God Sembaiyanar in Muthanai village is kula thiyvam for lot of village Narumanam, Kotteri, Veeratikuppan, Iruppukurichi etc. Best Vanniyar Matrimony in tamilnadu visit: There were several waves of Tamil dispersals from India and Sri Lanka creating what is known as Tamil diaspora. Do you know why Vanniars history has been destroyed and being hide? Today they are the most politically mobilized and well-informed caste in the Tamil Nadu.

Standardized Harvest Information Vanniyaf codes for peoples, geographic places, languages and other mission data. Vetri Matrimony 15 January at In some places like Ariyalur and in parts of Tanjore districts the Padayatchis still have marriage relations with Padayatchis only.

Hi It was a nice write up. Adhavan Thamizhan March 9, at P Ramalingam Tajil 16, at 3: Raja Varman 5 May at Story of Jesus audio Jesus Film Project. They form a section among the Vanniyars. Most of the caste titles of the Vanniyars belong to the Padayatchis. Siranjeevi Krishnan 24 February at Unknown 2 April at Only the Padayatchis have different caste titles.

I think you don’t know tamil history properly. The largest group in which the Gospel can spread as a church planting movement without encountering significant barriers of understanding or acceptance. The Vannimai chieftains hisfory what is now Sri Lanka arose from a multi-ethnic and multi-caste background.

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The Vanniyars are officially classed belonging to the feudal caste of Vanniakula Kshatriya in Tamil Nadu. Mani Prakash 21 September at Dai unakku Unmayavae moola Irukka da Ivan british eppo da vanthuchi engala pathi enna mayiru therium Antha naikku Histtory Panruti taluk of cuddalore dist vanniyars called as padayatchi,they have surnames as sempirayar, samarthiyaar,thennavaraya,mazhavarayar, nayinaar etc here.

A bloc of people groups, who either live in a particular region or have similar cultural roots.

Vanniyan in India | Joshua Project

Several etymologyies for Vanniyar have been suggested, including the Sanskrit vahni “fire”[1] the Dravidian val “strength”[2] or the Sanskrit or Pali vana “forest”.

If Padayatchi is merely a caste title then why do they use another title? This is the caste name of Vanniya kula Kshatriyas. There are four varnas – Brahmin, Ksatriyas, Vaisyas and Sudras. Cheran Irumborai, tzmil off to your sensibility!

Vanniyar Veera Varalaru

Murugan February 25, at 9: About this two kings history are shows in lot of book and poems. Many historical data are erased but still one can find which clans are great just by their growth and what they are now. Sengunthars dont allow them into their house. Sureendiran Ilango 2 April at Real history of Vanniyars is in link below. Many castes today claim descent from Malayaman.