4 Jun In “The Bullpen Gospels,” Hayhurst, a pitcher, gets off to a rocky start. The dialogue seems fake. The prose is awkward. And he’s terribly cruel. Based on the best selling book “The Bullpen Gospels” by Dirk Hayhurst. 19 Apr Last week, I mentioned that I had ordered The Bullpen Gospels by Dirk Hayhurst and that I would soon write a review. I found a copy at my local.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I recommend this read to fill in the space between baseball games. Oct 23, Cade McCrate rated it it was amazing.

I really enjoy books that are behind the scenes looks at something I am interested in.

I think you knew that, though. The Baseball Fan will enjoy the cameo appearance from big name players that they know. This book brought back some pleasant memories. This is because Hayhurst is sharing his story not bullpfn us about the minor leagues. Dirk holds nothing back, whether he is talking about others or making fun of himself which creates the sidesplitting atmosphere around the book.

It told me about things I never knew went on before all the media, TV shows, and newspapers.

The Bullpen Gospels – IMDb

I remember the author when he made his major league debut because we had a lot of fun saying “Hay-who? The best part, beyond the great anecdotes of boys being boys, was seeing Hayhurst as the old guy for part of the season in Single A, then being the new guy in his Double A team. He does so in a manner that makes you feel like you are in the room with him and his teammates shooting the breeze. Both comments and pings are currently closed.


It would be great to have both. It is so much more. Mar 31, Mark Ahrens rated it it was amazing. Oh, and the thing about this book: Dec 18, Matt rated it it was amazing.

Books by Dirk Hayhurst. Despite feel-good semantics supplied by the organization, my main job was mopping up lost causes. Often times this book is so hilariously honest that you are left actually laughing out loud.

Dirk is a former member of the San Diego Padres, and currently a member of the Toronto Blue Jays where he is temporarily on the disabled list.

Gospdls he lets gospls reader into this very intimate story, one feels connected to him in a different way than with Bouton and the difficulties of the Hayhurst clan become just as important to the reader as Dirk’s career. Wellllll Sometimes a book sneak s up on you. He and his mom always fight the next morning and she often threatens to call the cops but never bjllpen the heart. It does swear a ton and has many sexual themes at times. Some of the stories he tells are so hilarious!

I LOVE this book. This was no different. It takes a real dedication to keep going becaus For some reason I am obsessed with minor league baseball. Maybe he was a little embarrassed by it, since it began on the Internet. And he offers sage observations about the nature of celebrity and ambition, forgiveness and family. A nonglorious pitching role designed to protect priority pitchers.

The Bullpen Gospels

Even on the back cover there are numerous amounts of quotes from major league players like Trevor Hoffman, the pitcher whom he revealed was his idle in the beginning of his minor league career.


The raunchy and debauched stories that he relates from his minor league teammates are sexist, homophobic, and occasionally gospesl for more normal reasons.

This behind the scenes look gosprls both well written and honestly funny. I personally adored the book. Pitchers Baseball — United States — Biography. If this is a dream come true, then dreams smell a lot like mothballs and Bengay.

Why not donate to charity or something? In the process, he provides a brutally honest take on life in the majors—the oversized ballparks, hotel rooms, and personalities, but also the self-doubt, loneliness, and despair. Gosoels spins tales of the life of a prospect and the reader is invited into the locker room, the hotels and team bus.

DIRK HAYHURST » The Bullpen Gospels

Hayhurst illuminates a baseball life not only with wit and humor, but also with thought-provoking introspection. Unfortunately, sad to say, I was disappointed. Overall, the book is a modern classic and a hilarious interpretation of baseball.

Aug 16, Scott Breslove rated it it was amazing. If you can’t gain a valuable life lesson from reading this book, then you really weren’t paying attention.

However, Hayhurst survives the situation, makes some friends, and endures the horrible living conditions while the team made their road trip. Refresh and ths again. This is a really enjoyable baseball read. Those aren’t my words. Living on little for the hope of so gospelz more is frustrating, and Hayhurst accurately documents the experience.