STANAG is specified by the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Military Agency for Standardization in “Characteristics of / / Bits per. 26 May In this video YouTube user Superphish shows decoding of the French Navy STANAG test signal. He used an rtl-sdr, Ham-it-up. 21 Apr Sigmira is a popular free Windows software program which supports decoding of radio modes such as PSK31, RTTY, CW, STANAG

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Using different M-PSK modulations and FEC Forward Error Correction coding rates, serial binary user information raw data accepted at stsnag line side input can be transmitted at different user data rates.

The center frequency of the decoder should be set to Hz when the receiver is stanagg tuned to the sending station. The mode decoder can process signal in both SSB settings: This should be set manually in the Frame Format menu.

The 16 symbol channel segment transmitted between every data segment has a known PSK pattern. The modulation speed symbol rate is always Bd. After the symbol data-probe segment another frame beginning with the stabag symbol preamble follows immediately.


This feature enables the user to analyse the demodulated symbol when the above coding scheme deviates from the standard. User data is in this case first FEC encoded, stanat, then mapped into PSK symbol and transmitted in 32 symbol data segment.


The decoder stops displaying data after the EOM bit pattern is received. Each frame begins with a By using the bar-graph, any remaining frequency difference can be compensated for by fine-tuning of the receiver frequency or by adjusting the center frequency of the decoder.

User data rate bps. stanat

The modulation technique used in this mode consists of phase shift keying 8-PSK of a single tone sub-carrier of Hz. This can be set by toggling the Polarity field: In most cases FEC and interleaver are used to combat the effects of fading, frequency shift, multipath effects and stanzg noise. The 8 data-bits are LSB first.

STANAG – Signal Identification Wiki

When the Confidence value is greater than 95 syanag. In addition to the EOM pattern, the display will stop if more than NULL characters are received or if the asynchronous data structure is violated more than 80 times. This frame structure makes the synchronization of the demodulator in the mid of the transmission very easy. The user data is transmitted using a continuous frame structure.


Its purpose is to keep the demodulator, mainly the equalizer, on track in spite of adverse propagation conditions during the HF transmission.

Using the Frame Format field the decoder can be set stanaf one of the signal configurations. Small frequency deviations are automatically tracked and compensated during the decoding. The EOM sequence is followed by flush bits, which are for FEC coder flushing and for the complete transmission of the remainder of the interleaver data block.

The 7 data-bits are LSB first.